RC Park

RC Park underground rack conveyor systems

Underground rack conveyor systems allow multiple parking capacities with excellent operational efficiency. These systems also allow speedy and economical operation using a comb system with back-to-back layout. Unloading time of cars is shortened by a palletless parking system, which realizes a high level of amenity. RC Park newly proposes effective utilization of underground space.
RC Park

Main product features

RC Park

Quick loading and unloading of cars

Realizes quick car loading and unloading times by using exclusive slide lane.

Comb system shortens loading time of cars

By using the comb system, pallets are not necessary, which shortens car loading and unloading times.

Can be constructed if there are pillars in the building structure

RC Park can be laid out suited to the placement of building structures including the pillars.

  • RC Park
  • RC Park

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